HDHR Streaming to SONOS of UK DVB-T/T2 Radio Stations (& poss TV Sound)


Apologies if I’m in the wrong forum section, please move this post if necessary.

I am seriously considering buying a SiliconDust UK HD Home Run (HDHR) Quattro for DVB-T & T2 home TV watching and recording and running it with Channels.

I also have SONOS speakers and would like to be able to access the off-air DVB-T/T2 radio streams via the HDHR and wondered if that is possible using http etc. I do listen to radio station internet streams on SONOS e.g. BBC but they can sometimes be unreliable. Are you streaming successfully to SONOS from HD Home Run?

I successfully (most of the time) use these HTTP HLS streams for BBC radio stations and BBC TV sound on SONOS:

I have seen this:

and this:

I hope my question makes sense and I look forward to hearing from a member of the Channels user community.

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I have not tried this, but I suspect the SONOS will not be able to stream directly from the HDHR because the format it uses is not one commonly used for audio.