Hdhr3-us bad power supply or overheating?

So I got an HDHR3-US (dual) from eBay a while back that wouldn’t turn on and I figured it was dead. I got my money back, but the shipper assumed it was likely dead too as they didn’t appear to test it before selling. But the power supply seemed to be the issue as no lights would come on.

I don’t have any power supplies with the same voltage/amps etc at the moment, but I do have plenty of 5v 1a (what Silicondust calls for) usb bricks around from cell phones. My only problem is I don’t have more than one usb-to-2.2mm power cables. I found one that was used in an antenna amplifier but I’m not sure the flimsy cord is good enough or if the HDHR is just overheating or something. The lights stay on for a few minutes cycling from green to red and blink back and forth between those colors and then all lights go off after a few minutes. This is leading me to believe the device is overheating/crashing or the power cable I’m using isn’t good enough.

Anyways. Does anyone know if a usb power brick can indeed power a hdhr3-us?

Why not just get a power brick from Silicondust ?

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SiliconDust Forum will have a much better answer.

Just trying to find a cheap way to figure out if I the hd homerun is toast or not. Might just get a cheap adapter at Best Buy to see if it works and return if it doesn’t.

OK but silicondust might be willing to replace the unit or give a trade in discount if it fails with their powersupply.

Bottom Left, $15 bucks and no guessing if it's the correct specs.

I have a new $3 usb to 2.1mm barrel coming.
I don’t want to put much more into than that in case it’s on the verge of death.

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I'm really curious as to how this turns out.

I would say replace the power brick first.
SD seems to be very willing to replace customers failed units, even if long out of warranty, it just might take a bit of work to accomplish.

Posting about your issues in the SD forms, and getting the attention of a few certain staff there, one replaced a Prime tuner for me, then, offered to replace one that I had only briefly mentioned had failed years ago and had been in storage since. I had to pay to ship them both to them, but they analyzed them, determined they were infact failed in some way, and sent me 2x new ones.
It took a while though, about 3 months. And...by that time, i dumped cable, moved to streaming and Channels, and ended up selling the new Primes on ebay, since i had no use for them.

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