HDHR3-US firmware update broke something

I have an HDHR3-US, Device ID 1031483B. I was using the InstaTV app and switched to this one. The InstaTV app was working fine until I downloaded the new firmware for the HDHR3-US, the 20150604 version. Now InstaTV doesn’t work and Channels doesn’t work either. I get “Tuner is Unavailble”. The Channels app scans and gets all the OTA stations. Not sure what is going on. Any Ideas? I tried finding a old firmware, all I could fine was for 20141124, but that one doesn’t work either.

Try rebooting your HDHR and Apple TV. The 2015 firmware is very stable and it’s highly recommend you use it.


This is for iOS, the app for the iPad and iPhone. I rebooted the iPad, still get the same error, Tuner Not Available.

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Ok this is odd. I switched from my 2.4Ghz connection to my 5 Ghz connection and now it works. Weird.

Strange indeed. Glad it’s working again.