Good morning all…I currently only have a HDHR4 Connect setup to try out Plex and Channels. I want to add in one more device but wanted to see reviews from others. I tried HDHR5 Quatro in the past and it didn’t seem to pick up the same stations that the HDHR4 did. I’m also curious if the HDHR5 will support ATSC 3.0 in the future with a firmware upgrade. Tried doing a search on these and got some mixed results.



There are no ATSC3 tuners available on the market yet.

The HDHR5 can pick up fewer stations in some situations, but with the latest firmware it should be pretty comparable. We recommend the Quatro.


I recently purchased an HDHR4-2DT from eBay just to have a play with which has been successful. I’m now planning to buy a new HDHR5-4DT Quatro and implement Channels so I can ‘cut the cord’ or dish in my case. What are the differences between the HDHR4 and HDHR5 products? I think I saw someone mention DNLA but perhaps someone can point me to a full comparison of the two versions - other than the different style boxes; I’ve not been able to find this through my own research so far. I’m in the UK. Thanks.


DLNA was added in HDHR4. The two units are very similar. The big change is the new chassis style which is black and uses a slimmer profile. There is also a new chipset inside, but it’s pretty similar to the old one.