HDHRP not detecting correct channel lineup


I have 2 HDHomeRun Primes but each has different channel lineups due to Fios changing the TV package on us when I was setting up the Cable Cards and scanning them. One of the HDHRP doesn't have the correct (current) TV lineup. Going into the HDHomeRun app to rescan/detect channels works but it doesn't update the channel lineup in Channels DVR setup. I've disconnected/powered off the affect HDHRP tuner but it still shows/detects in Channels DVR setup...

How do I force it to update properly?

Thanks in advance!

Click Scan Network on the dvr settings page

Thanks for the quick response!

I've tried that a few times, it doesn't change anything in the source listing.

Please see the capture of the sources...

What does it show on my.hdhomerun.com

Can you rescan from there and make sure they have the same channel counts listed?

Also you need to assign guide data in Channels DVR by clicking the plus button in your screenshot above.

I'll rescan it again when I get home. I had powered off/disconnected the 2nd tuner hoping that it would disappear from the sources list and I could re-run the setup on that tuner afterwards.

The last part, I did have the guide data in there for that tuner, but since the channel lineup was incorrect, I deleted it and didn't bother re-adding it in afterwards but will do so when the lineup is correct.

So another rescan shows the same channels that had the old channel lineup. It won't clear/reset/repopulate with the new channel lineup when clicking on "detect channels". When using the HDHomeRun setup, rescanning that tuner does show the new correct channel lineup.

Should I just uninstall the Channels DVR server from my QNAP and do a complete re-install? I don't have much in terms of shows/movies recorded yet, so not much to lose...

which detect channels are you clicking on? at the top right of your screenshot there's a gear icon, click that and select Scan Network

"Detect Channels" is from the my.hdhomerun.com on the tuner that has the incorrect lineup - as you had requested.

Scan network (dropdown from gear icon) in Channels DVR setup, as I mentioned above, shows the same 2 tuners as my screenshot. Nothing changes when that's clicked.

Please screenshot my.hdhomerun.com vs what you see on the dvr page

The "319 channels" in the first screenshot matches the "Channels (319)" on the second screenshot. I guess the main my.hdhomerun.com (in third screenshot) is not counting hidden channels, so the reported numbers are much smaller.

What does the Channel Lineup page show for your other HDHomeRun? I'm guessing it says "Channels 371)"

Yes, 371 channels.

Okay, so things are working as I would expect. What part are you trying to fix or change?

Except it isn't working properly. The two tuners are connected to the same Fios TV package (feed), but using the my.hdhomerun doesn't properly detect/update the channels - it still shows the first scan that had the old TV package. BUT, as stated in the previous posts - using the HDHomeRun setup app, it does detect/update the channels properly.

So I'm guessing that Channels gets the lineup from the listing in my.hdhomerun.com (which is incorrect) and can not get it from the (correct) HDHomeRun setup app.

It sounds like FIOS has not propagated your package to your second cable card. Does it show as paired in the cablecard menu?

The setup utility results are not used anymore. The PRIME can do the channel scan itself, and those results are what matter. If its not finding the correct channels via the "Detect Channels" button, then its either a cable company issue or a hardware issue. You can contact FIOS to repair your card, or contact [email protected] if the channel scan on their device webpage is not working.

It's common (especially for Primes) that the tuners will have different channel counts. Part of this is tied to the tuners' background scans, although this happens less frequently with FIOS because they don't use SDV/tuning adapters.

(For comparison's sake, at times with Spectrum I had a nearly 100+ channel discrepancy across my Primes.)

Ahhhh okay. I understand. Makes sense now. Thank you!

Thanks. It's kinda odd how that works but okay...