Hello i need help

i need help setup my channels dvr with AT&T TV can anyone help me plz

Did you sign up for Channels plus with the Dvr service? You can only Use TVE with ATT TV

3 Concurrency + DVR 500 hours + TIER4 + Choice Packages it 69.99 why doi i need Channels plus with the Dvr service? You can only Use TVE with ATT TV

The only way you will able to use Channels with ATT TV is through TVE

what is tve

What are you expecting Channels to do for you?

will they change it Channels dvr what Packages you get it should work att tv

That is the ONLY way it will work with Att tv.

have you check on diff packages like PLUS
Sixty five Dollars Per Month
eighty Dollars Per Month
Ninety three Dollars Per Month
One hundered and ten Dollars Per Month
One hundered and twenty four Dollars Per Month
One hundered and thirty five Dollars Per Month
Optimo Mas

Not sure what that has to do with anything And those channels are for Att tv NOW not Att tv

to see if work or not

What does work mean? Channels CAN"t record directly from ATT, so different packages mean nothing

why does have to be one packages

What do you think Channels does?

All of these fragmented one line responses font do any good. Try writing a complete thought.

Channels dvr software runs a machine(pc, Mac, Linux, etc) within your house. It has a live guide and can record from several different sources(antenna, TVE).

TVE is the back end system that is used when you go to a network's website or app(AMC, ESPN) and log in using your cable account credentials(Comcast, DirecTV, Att TV) to view content. Most local networks do not offer TVE.

Channels does not record directly from Att TV or comcast. It uses your Att TV credentials to login into each network that offers a live stream via TVE and combines them all into one guide. Not all networks offer a live stream(A&E is one). If you record content, it is on your machine until you decide to remove it. It is not in the Att cloud and never expires.

If you get all your content from Att TV, are fine with only 3 concurrent streams, and are fine with Att cloud DVR storage(which often is not accessible) then you do not not need channels dvr.

If you want full access to all your local stations on all your devices, want total control of your dvr, commercial skip, and want unlimited concurrent streams, then look into channels dvr.

My set up is:
DirecTV connected to living room TV.
PC running channels DVR with 2TB hard drive.
Tuner 1: Antenna connected to HD Homerun.
Tuner 2: TVE using directv credentials.
With this setup I can watch on all my devices and smart TVs: all of my locals(including the ones directv does not offer) plus most of channels I want to view from direcTV. I can record more than 2 shows at once on channels DVR and love the commercial skip feature.

Another thought on data caps. I have Comcast for my internet provider and have a 1TB limit as part of my plan. If I use more, I pay more. If you leave your Att TV box turned on it will continue to use data. Make sure you turn it off the box when not in use(not just the TV).

Channels uses internet data to bring the TV show you are watching or recording into your machine. If you are watching from outside your network, channels also uses data to send the show through the internet to your device. So you are using twice the data.

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This is the screen I get when I try to use AT&T TV as a source for TVE. My actual server is on a Synology box, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. My only source now is an HD Homerun that I use for my OTA local channels, and that works well. Also I've never posted here before, so I'm not sure if this is the correct place for my query. Thanks all.

You can try click-and-hold the Sign In button after entering your ATT login.

If it doesn't work that means your NAS model is not supported because it's 32-bit CPU.

Yes, it's on older Synology box (DS415play) with 32 bit CPU, so there it is. I guess I'll need to come up with something else for the server. Thanks for the quick reply.

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