Help: Are you on the TestFlight beta with an HDHR that receives DVB guide data?

We have added support for capturing DVB guide data from the HDHR with our new streamer but need assistance in testing it.

If you:

  1. Are on the TestFlight beta for iPhone or AppleTV
  2. Have an HDHomeRun
  3. Have OTA stations that broadcast DVB guide data

Please try the latest TestFlight beta and watch an OTA channel with Tuner Sharing turned off and once you are done, submit diagnostics from the app and let me know. It will allow me to check the logs and increase my confidence that it is doing the right thing.

Thank you!

Is this solely for EIT data within DVB, or will this extend to ATSC EIT as well (however poor the info is)?

OK I just upgraded to latest beta on Apple TV 4K, checked that tuner sharing was switched off, watched BBC1HD for a couple of minutes (I am in the UK) and submitted diagnostics. Hope that all worked and helps you out.

@jmdraper Could you go into the TestFlight app and make sure you are updated to the latest beta and then go through the process again?

Ok I’ve tried again. Was updated to latest but I killed the app and relaunched it this time so hopefully that worked?

That worked great and confirmed that it is receiving the EPG packet we need. Thank you!

This is solely for EIT data within DVB. We don't have plans to extend it at the moment but this work should make it simpler to do in the future.

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Will this allow users in the UK to do EPG and proper series link via the ID from EIT as per other Freeview etc boxes? That would be great - especially as EIT takes account of late schedule changes.