Help with Flirc and Channels Profile for Harmony Remote

I have a Flirc connected to my Nvidia Shield that I use my Harmony to control. I updated the Flirc and can see under Controllers the Channels profile. When I go to add to my Harmony, I went to add Flirc then Channels, but it isnt in the Harmony DB like Flirc Kodi or Flirc WMC. Hoping for some help to get the Harmony remote software to use the Flirc Channels profile.

Made some progress, but hoping a better way is available. I picked the Windows Media Center profile in the Harmony software because it had the most buttons of the Flirc profiles, then I assigned the buttons back in the flirc app using those buttons. I still can not get the Guide or DVR button to work, but if I hit back it brings up the menu with the Guide.

Don't have a Shield but my Harmony Hub works perfectly without Flirc. What are the advantages of Flirc, or is your Harmony remote a non-hub, IR version?

This is on a IR remote , so you need flirc or some IR receiver.

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