Help with HDHomeRun Setup

I am considering purchasing a HDHomeRun and an external antenna to add to my Channels DVR. I have read old threads and the Q&A concerning this, but I'm not sure if this will work on my setup. I have a gigabit switch for the HDHomeRun to plug into so that is connected to my router. My computer and external drive for my Channels recordings are accessed through a Wifi connection. In the Q&A, it stated that the PC and HDHomeRun should both be plugged into the gigabit switch. I have no way to connect my computer to my router or modem other than the Wifi connection. My Channels DVR works perfectly through this Wifi setup. I have had no problems with recordings or playback. Will the HDHomeRun still work with Channels DVR if there is no ethernet connection to my computer.

Also, I am a little confused for the purpose of the HDHomeRun as I plan to do my recording through Channels DVR. It would seem that the recording option is a moot point for the HDHomeRun. Could be I just don't understand how it all works. Any clarification on my setup and what device will be doing my recording would be appreciated!

Yes, the tuner will still work even if the computer hosting the DVR is on Wi-Fi. However, you may run into issues, because streams from the tuner can be much larger than those from the internet. Also, the latency of Wi-Fi is much higher than a wired connection; what that means is you may experience stuttering for live viewings.

A suitable workaround could be either MoCA or powerline adapters. These devices will take existing cable/coax (MoCA) or electrical (powerline) lines in your house and send the wired network signal over those.

Depends on which HDHR you're talking about.
Some are just network tuners. OTA or CABLE.
Some newer ones (Flex) are OTA only and have a USB connection to attach an external USB drive to and can optionally act as a DVR using a Silicon Dust subscription.
Other newer ones (Scribe) are OTA only and have a hard drive built in and can be used as a stand alone DVR with a Silicon Dust subscription.

If you want to use Channels DVR to record, you don't need a Silicon Dust subscription or a Flex or Scribe, although a Flex will work. If your TV source is cable you need a HDHR Prime.

Thanks for your reply. I'll have to do some research on MoCA. I'm clueless. Thanks for the help.

I'm new to all of this. I understood from reading that I had to have the HDHomeRun as a tuner in order to pull in over-the-air channels. Once that is done, then I would use the HDHR as a source to pull the channels into Channels DVR.

That is why I'm confused as I understand that the HDHomeRun acts as a DVR. My TV service is Spectrum and streams through an Apple box app. No direct cable input to the TV.

Is there a tuner without the recording capabilities that I can attach to the OTA to deliver those channels to Channels DVR?

Or if you have a suggestion as to how I can pull my OTA channels into Channels DVR without having to buy purchase a lot of extra equipment.

Again, the help is greatly appreciated. "I fool feelish!"

The best way to hook up your DVR is, of course, using ethernet. You can run ethernet very far without any repeaters in-between (300ft). It can even be run outside. If your WiFi propagation distance can reach the DVR, surely an ethernet cord could reach it too.

Or could move the DVR and keep it short.

You are correct, that is indeed how it works.

The HDHomeRun can act as a DVR, but it does not by default. The current OTA devices that SiliconDust sells—Flex Duo, Flex 4K, and Scribe 4K—can all be used as OTA tuners for Channels. The Flex devices have a USB port that allows you to attach an external hard drive to the tuner, but that is only for use with SiliconDust's DVR server. Channels cannot make use of any storage attached to a HDHomeRun tuner. (The Scribe 4K is essentially a Flex 4K with the hard drive already installed.)

As far as your Spectrum service: Channels cannot make use of that beyond its TV Everywhere support. The Spectrum service that uses an Apple TV is essentially the same thing as all of the other streaming services; it is not considered cable.

As I noted above, any HDHomeRun tuner can be used with Channels. (Even those that can handle recording on their own, like the Flex and Scribe, will work with Channels.)

Many thanks for your help!

Perhaps what has you confused is the fact the SiliconDust/HDHomeRun (aka SD/HDHR) make the tuner hardware, but they also make and sell their own software.

Meanwhile, Channels only make and sell software (no hardware). You need to pair the Channels DVR with SD/HDHR tuner hardware to get OTA content.

So you can choose an SD/HDHR-only "ecosystem" (hardware and software), of you can choose a hybrid SD/HDHR + Channels "echosystem" (SD/HDHR hadware + Channels software).

Thanks for the help. I am beginning to understand what I need to get the OTA channels to work on Channels DVR.

I have looked up the MoCA and powerline adapters that someone suggested. The powerline adapter would be the easiest for me to get my computer online with my router, however, I read that the powerline adapters were not secure and could be tapped by neighbors or someone in my area. If you have any feedback on that issue, it would be appreciated. Thanks again!

You might not need an Hdhomerun. Spectrum should have most of your locals through TVE

Received my HDHomerun Duo Connect today and plugged it into my switch and Channels immediately recognized it. Works great!

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