Help with new usb external hd

Hi there, first week using channels, everything working ok. Trying to add a 5tb drive to my shield pro and dont know how to make it available as storage for the channels dvr. If someone can help a noob I would really appreciate it! Thank you! -John

Go to the settings on the shield and set up the drive as external removable storage.

In the DVR setup you will need to select /storage and then you will see a new entry list XXXX-XXXX with random letters. Click that, then create a NVIDIA_SHIELD directory, and a DVR directory underneath that, and hit save.

Ok, looks like the drive i got is bad. Its kills my entire shield when connected...i have a new one on the way thank you!

I have an external drive that I can bring to you to test.

Ok still not working permissions denied
Under enable dvr it says

It should say:


Got it working, had to create the directories one at a time, first tim i had entered it as one string and I guess the shield is fussy that way. Thanks for all the help!

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Im trying the same by adding an external HD to a Xiaomi Mi Box and getting the "no write permission on dvr directory"

What should be in place after: /storage/6A3A5BCD3A5B94C3/

Healthy guess would be that's it different than "NVIDIA_SHIELD/DVR"

Thats exactly what it should be. Make sure you create the nvidia_shield directory first then add the dvr subdirectory. If you add the string all together it wont work

I tried that and wasn't having success.

It should still be "NVIDIA_SHIELD/DVR" even do i'm not using a shield? Its a Mi Box

The DVR server only works on the SHIELD. Other manufacturers do not allow writing to external storage. The shield does in a special nvidia_shield folder.

Darn. Ok, thanks for the clarification and quick reply.