Help with recorded TV buffer on FireTV Stick 4K

That's great. What kind of cable are you using and what's your pause buffer now?

I used a 16gb USB stick ( )and formatted it 100% for programs per the instruction option 2. I get at least 30 minutes of pause. I stopped testing after that. I used this cable (a two pack for $ 6.24)

Thanks for the links. I'm looking for an OTG cable that I can plug in a usb drive and support gigabit ethernet, no finding anything yet. Anyone have something like this working with their Firestick?

Not possible. The OTG port is USB2, and cannot support gigabit speeds. The fastest speeds you'll see on a GbE adapter would be around 230Mbps. Why not just use Amazon's 10/100 ethernet adapter? Or any other 10/100 OTG adapter?

That explains why I can't find anything. I am using a 10/100 cable now and getting 95MB down and 98MB up but
@tmm1 mentioned earlier in this thread that I should try gigabit. I'm just trying to maximize performance, my setup at the moment is working nicely but I need to buy 3 more of them for the other firesticks in my house and wanted to decide what is best

Use LAN cable from router to server and wireless from server to Firestick. If you have any problems, get a better router. Wireless from both router to server AND server to Firestick will certainly slow things down and you will get buffering when hitting the FF button more than a couple times.

Just set this up this morning and it works great. After (1) setting up my 32GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB 2.0 per the instructions on Troypoint to expand internal storage on Firestick & Fire TV Cube (2022) option 2 under Fire OS 6, (2) uninstalling Channels DVR app on my Fire TV Stick 4K, and (3) re-installing Channels DVR (automatically installs on USB), I have over 2 hrs of pause time. Thank you to all with the information!