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I just installed the software and had it sign into my Xfinity account. It loaded 100 channels. How do I get rid of or hide the channels I don't want to see?

On the settings tab, click on the edit icon for Xfinity. In the list of channels, click on the icon of the circle with a line through it (2nd column) so it highlights in red to hide channels that you don't want to see.

Thank you, I see that now. Are there any instructions for the software?

I'm still having some issues hiding channels. For HDHOMERUN I go to MyHDHomerun and I put a red x next to channels I don't want. Then when I go to Channels DVR they are still there. I deselect them with the symbol next to the heart but they still show up on channels? I get 105 local channels by me and I whittle it down to about 60 but all 105 channels keep popping up! Do I need to cycle the HDHomerun box after I remove channels?

Also, what's the best practice for TVE? Just going to that channel and hitting the stop symbol next to the heart? That doesn't seem to do anything either?

Do I need to maybe restart channels after I do that?

If the channels are marked as hidden on your DVR, but not on your app then you need to go to Settings > Manage Sources > Click on each source you have > Sync Favorites/Hidden > Import from Source

Using IPHONE, HD Home Run CONNECT does not have that SYNC FAVORITES/HIDDEN option like in the photo above. I have Scan for Channels, Enabled, Advanced --> LOGOS ONLY as my only options. I'm going to try and power cycle the HD HOME RUN and the Channels DVR PC. I'll check on my Shield and see if something is there. Don't use the IPHONE app as much as the Shield.

OK! The options were there for the Shield and Chromecast with Google TV. Working now. Never thought to look at the apps on the streamers. Thanks again.

Interesting. I use Channels on only Android devices, but checked on my work phone (iPhone). Looks like it syncs automatically on that version.

On iOS/clients the favorites are synced the very first time the app is launched, but not after that. So a workaround you can do is delete the app and reinstall it, and you’ll get a one-time sync.

A caveat to this: if you are using the beta versions, too, you have to delete both versions first. Why?, because both apps share the same data/settings store, so as long as at least one version is on your device, the settings will persist.

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