Hide SD and DRM Channels Option


It’d be great if this was an option, rather than having to favorite all the channels, then hiding the 100’s of channels that I can’t watch due to DRM.


You can hide channels on the Settings tab by clicking them twice.

You can also do it on your tuner directly, by visiting http://my.hdhomerun.com and clicking your HDHomeRun, the clicking Channel Lineup and clicking the star twice on channels you want to hide.


Yes, I know.

Because of DRM, I only have about 5 of the nearly 700 channels that are listed. I’m not going to click 700 channels. It’s a PITA. It’d be nice if there was an option to hide certain channel groups (SD and DRM). That way if a new channel pops up non DRM it’d automatically be shown in the lineup.


Makes sense. We should probably just hide DRM channels by default as they don’t work anyway.


My 2 cents…I’d rather be able to see the DRM channels WITH guide info. As some of us have Primes (some with DRM channels) and also an alternative solution to view DRM (outside of Channels), we could then be able to use Channels as our single TV planning tool.

Because of the disconnect on Channels guide (no DRM info), we are constantly juggling between Channels guide and original online TV guide to define choices to record (now or later), watch live, etc. Right now, It’s a delicate balancing act and prone to errors.


I did this but my Channels list has not updated. Is there a way to force a refresh of the guide?


You can refresh by hold+click on your HDHR in the app (on Settings tab) and selecting Refresh Device