Hiding Channels - DRM

I just saw the new feature to hide channels. So I went through and hid most of my SD channels and some HD that we never watch. I notice that some channels (Fox owned) show in the list as DRM which is true for me on Fios. However there is no way to hide them, and they still show up in the Guide when you select the All Channels filter.

You hide them from inside the HDHomeRun interface

This is a bug. I will force-hide all DRM channels on the DVR.

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This has been fixed in DVR v2017.01.23.2004. Thanks for reporting!

I am just starting with channels, and I noticed the same thing. When I went to go hide them they showed hidden in the channels interface, but still showed in the guide. I unhid then and re hid them. Then they no longer showed in the guide. But I also had to force stop the app on my shield then re start it.

I agree with hiding them in the HDHomeRun Interface. I believe you can hide them in Channels and I believe in some cases it will update the HDHomeRun itself. But, if you hide them in HDHomeRun (my.hdhomerun.com) no other application will see them. Like Channels and maybe others.

I have 8 Apple TV's and 2 DVR's. When I was using 2x HDHomerun Primes and later HDHomerun Quattro it just made since to me to do a one time disable of about 75-100 channels (SD, Music etc) and be done with it. From time to time you get move channels and if I did not want them I just disable them.

This will not disable DRM channels from the HDHomeRun interface correct ?