High memory usage?


On my Win7/32 bit system that acts as the record engine for Channels I notice that the channels-dvr.exe process usage exponentially more memory than the HDHomeRun record engine. Why is that? I realize that they are different products but that seems like a very large difference in resource usage. The Channels memory usage was observed while the engine was in "Idle" mode, no recordings being done and no commercial work being done.


Channels DVR keeps guide data locally, whereas HDHR DVR is cloud based.

Most of the memory being used is what's known as virtual memory, to speed up access to files on disk. It is not actually in use, and the OS will reclaim it if any other process needs RAM.


Thank you for that informative explanation!


Great explanation... I am curious if the original poster really considers 120 megabytes a high amount of memory usage? I’d say it is a pretty lightweight app compared to most these days.


No, I don't. But it is high relative to what the HDHomeRun DVR engine uses and why I asked about it.