High Windows CPU Usage With Latest Windows Update

Recently for me the Channels Settings page from Chrome only displays spinning arrows. All pages work and tv recording and viewing work. DVR server is Windows 10.

Does the same with Firefox and Edge and also when accessing the Settings page from a tablet on the local network. The Troubleshooting page stop with spinning wheels at "System Firewall"

The Chrome DevTools Network tab constantly shows Channels accessing troubleshooting?expensive=false for both Settings and Troubleshooting.

Did windows update itself recently?

@S_G reported the same issue to support today. He is also on Windows 10.0.19045 Build 19045

Yes a few days ago to:

I actually wondered if that may be a cause and I uninstalled both updates which put me back to 2023-01 updates, but there was no change and I re-installed the 2023-02 updates.

I went further to uninstall and re-install Channels both as a new install and restoring from backup, and neither would allow the Settings page to load. Got back to a working state again for recording and viewing by deleting all files from c:\programdata\channelsdvr\data except a backup of settings.db and recorder.db after reading other posts, and then manually launching the channels server which rebuilt all the other files in data.

Just to add I have the same issue. Also recently updated Windows 10.

In addition Channels is showing high CPU usage around 11% even when idle.

Exactly the same here and my CPU usage is over 30%.

Same added CPU usage by Channels DVR Server which wasn't doing that before the recent update. That is what initially prompted me to check Settings. Seems like Channels is constantly trying to access or do something it normally could before.

I checked my Windows machine, and it shows high CPU usage when doing a scan of imported media even if it has not been updated.... Why is Channels DVR doing a scan so often?

The System Firewall is constantly searching without finding it and the settings page is constantly searching and never loading. I am sure that is causing my high CPU usage.

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Channels DVR Server does not monitor the file system for changes, so it doesn't know if files have been updated or not. It scans every 5 mins for new imports.

5 Minutes seems like overkill. Does anyone really update the imports every 5 minutes ?

No, but it's annoying if you add something and it doesn't show up until an hour later.

Sometimes you gotta just trust us.


If you see high cpu usage, please click then File>Save and email to [email protected]

@tmm1 Do you have any feedback on what is causing Settings page not to load and the System Firewall to keep spinning?

I'm having the same problem. I've rebooted my computer. All services seem to be working and my TV can access Channels, however, settings will never load on my computer.

I have stopped it in the task manager - then restarted Channels, but have had no luck getting settings to load.

This :point_up:

By the way, this is one situation where I can say I don't regret updating to Windows 11 last year. :grin:


All working fine for me now and Windows is up to date. :crossed_fingers:

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Note that the dvr will continue to record correctly even when settings page isn't loading.

If you're having this issue please post the windows version running on your system.

Did you reinstall non-prerelease and it's still happening?

My version 22H2 19045.2604 I installed again from setupchannlsdvr.exe file so I dont' know what version that is. With that it was still the same.

Windows just installed KB5022834 Cumulative Update. That did not help either.