High Windows CPU Usage With Latest Windows Update

I tested on Windows 11 and everything works even after updating to latest window updates.

I'm going to try on Windows 10 VM now

I tested on my other computer with windows 11. It worked fine. Just windows 10 computer has this problem.

Just for the record. I am using Windows 11 with latest updates. Channel Server will not load. Have rebooted computer. Stopped Channels in Task Manager and restarted, but Settings will not load.

This is FYI.


Windows task manager and Resource Monitor have a history of providing incorrect CPU utilization. If things are working properly, this may be what is happening.

I'm no longer running Channels DVR on Windows so I can't check yet I figured I'd add this bit of important history.

Good luck everyone, I realize this is frustrating


I am running ChannelsDVR on Windows 10 with latest updates and Channels DVR CPU Usage is only a blip. The only time CPU spikes is during a library scan. I would make sure Windows firewall is set correctly for Channels DVR.


I updated my Windows 10 VM and its still working fine.

For those affected (by Settings page not loading issue), we are seeing in the diagnostics the stuck thread which is using up CPU. But we are still not sure what's causing it or what changed on the Windows side to start this problem.

I'm publishing a new prerelease with some code removed which may help. It will be available in about 10 minutes.

Open powershell, and paste this command:

curl.exe -XPUT


Installed prerelease, restarted the computer. System Firewall got a green check but it now is stalled on the next one Third Party Firewall and settings still the same.

I got the same thing but I just checked it and it went fine. Have you tried going to advanced Firewall settings and letting Channelsdvr.exe through the firewall?


I just downloaded it again and I see it is v2023.02.23.0245 That worked!!


FYI - The Powershell fix worked for me. Setting has loaded properly! Thanks for the fix!

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Applied latest pre-release 2023.02.24.0300 and the Settings page now loads. Thank you for the quick fix! The CPU usage by Channels is still the same as before the update at around 12% for me. Not terribly annoying, but I don't recall it taking that much CPU until recent updates.

Can you send a debug stack?

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My channels CPU usage is bouncing between 12% & 13% also. FYI. I'm using 2023.02.23.1405.

If you still see high cpu usage, please click then File>Save and email to [email protected]

Please update to the latest build to see if the CPU usage is improved.

That seems to have done the trick. I am on 2023.02.28.2353 the settings menu is now working. CPU is 0% when idle and 2-3% when watching a channel on AppleTV.


Please try the latest build. Hopefully the settings page still works.

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The prerelease update this morning to re-enable firewall checks 2023.03.01.1511 brought back the stuck at System Firewall check and Settings page not loading. I uninstalled it and loaded the stable release 2023.01.23.1746 and it works.

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Updated to v2023.03.02.0558. Still seeing same CPU load 11-12%. Settings page works.

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I updated Channels to 2023.03.03.1951. My CPU load increased. It is now bouncing between 12.9% and 14%.

I used Task Manager to stop Channels, then reloaded. CPU load remained high. The setting page does still load with new update.