History just added Live stream in Roku app

as in topic.so I assume there is now TVE stream to include?

I Don't see a live stream on their website

You can email [email protected] and ask them to add live stream to their website.

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From email I got, looks live stream is only in Roku app. Weird policy to say shortly.

You're not missing much. The stream on the Roku is a low res SD stream. I don't know many of us that would want to DVR a lot of SD content.

I got response from Philo

"Thanks for getting back to us. You came to the right place! History and A&E are currently already integrated with Get Channels and you should be able to access them using your Philo credentials. "

Problem is I dont see it after rescan all channels

What is Get Channels?

your question doesn't bring anything to the topic.

You are going to ruin Channels for everyone. Obviously Philo has no clue what Channels is from their response. Stop already.

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@Richard_smith is correct. Leave it alone.

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No I don't intent to. It's better to have no service than sub-par service, but everything is legal. People on Philo knows exactly what Channels is, believe me.

Philo is referring to “Channels” or “Get Channels” as the Roku store where apps can be downloaded. Roku refers to individual apps as channels... their web App Store is at channelstore.roku.com. If there isn’t a TV Everywhere stream, i.e. if you cannot use a web browser with your credentials to access the feed, then Channels will not be able to access it. As @tmm1 stated, if you want it to be accessible to Channels, the best way to do that is to simply request that they add a live stream to their website; access through an app is not the same thing.


Exactly. A&E Networks is the only one that can make it available as a TVE stream for Channels DVR. Just like The Weather Channel has no live stream available, yet... https://weloveweather.tv/twc/