Holding down to fast forward isn’t work properly

On my Chromecast with Google TV device. I am experiencing issues when trying to fast forward and hold down to fast forward. When I do the action it only does it for a few seconds then stops. I also feel like it gets much better on OTA recordings compared to the TVE recordings. I am on business travel and I typically use the Apple TV but since I travel a lot I just recently bought the Chromecast with Google TV and notice this difference compared to the Apple TV app. I pad the shows 15 minutes before and after. I am having to go onto my iPad get it at the 15 min mark so that I can play because the fast forward option isn’t working well and takes forever to get to the 15 min mark by keep over and over holding to down and only skips to a min and a half or so. Or 30 seconds is the most I can skip and that only works for so long. Any ideas?

I could be wrong but I think it will only fast forward through what’s in its buffer, so it relies heavily on being able to quickly fetch new content. So my guess would be your connection to the server is not super fast so you’re not being able to fast forward very quickly either. Assuming my understanding is correct, maybe one day in the future they can do thumbnails and regular markers for recordings to make it easier to skip and fast forward through without having to load every frame.

That totally makes since. My internet isn’t the best speed right now and it’s about 20 down and 15 up currently and it is changing constantly.

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