Holiday Surprise: PIP Beta

Or an app.



Very helpful, thanks everyone! I had to use the Android iOS app to type the P and it worked like a charm! Any chance there will be the option to map one of the remote shortcut buttons to get this same outcome?

Hey guys. I must be missing something. I am on an Apple TV. Not sure what button you guys are talking about

This is only available in the beta tvos client, which you get via the TestFlight app. If you’re not already part of the beta program search the forums for beta and you’ll find guidance on how to join.

Seems the beta release 2021 (1.5.106). Lost pip functionality.

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Yep that was it.. I installed 1.3.100 and its there.

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Was there a reason PIP was removed from the latest AppleTV beta? It's a great feature, I use it constantly.


EDIT: I checked for an update again just now and the feature is back now. Thanks!


No worries. It’ll be back. It just wasn’t merged in when we pushed out a beta for another fix.

In fact, check now, it should be back.

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I may regret asking this... I can easily figure out how to shrink the current channel, but can't see how to launch another channel in "large" view in the background. Using AppleTV 4k, Channels DVR beta. Tried everything I could think of in terms of apple remote buttons, to no avail. Is there a quick user guide? Please be gentle if this turns out to be an idiot user issue...

Looks like a new update solved the issue

@Maddox - I'm a new Channels customer. Typically how long until features like PIP move from the beta to the main channel?

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Love this new feature! I have one question related to Apple TV and using a non-apple TV remote. I use the Function101 and Salt remotes for my Apple TVs. The one thing they lack is a home button. Since the Home button seems to be the only way to switch out of PIP, it seems I need to use the Apple remote to get out of PIP. Is there any other way to get out of PIP without the Home button and using the buttons on a Function 101 / Salt remote?

There isn't. The interactions and buttons were designed and picked by Apple and we don't have any control over them.

Beta 2021 (1.20.36) How exactly did PiP change? The previous way no longer appears in tvOS
I’ve an AppleTV 4K
Beta Version 2021.01.19.193 channels server

PIP is defaulted off now on tvOS. You can turn it on in the playback settings.

I noticed it missing too. Why change the setup and turn it off by default?

We’ll be shipping it public soon and are making final touches.


This has been officially released.

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We're testing some improvements for PIP on Apple TV, to better integrate with Harmony and allow easier ways to start/stop PIP.

Please try the new TestFlight build and provide your feedback here: BETA: PIP on Apple TV improvements (TestFlight)