BETA: PIP on Apple TV improvements (TestFlight)

We're testing some improvements to PIP on Apple TV in the latest TestFlight build (v2.1.1859). Please try it out and leave your feedback below.

  • NEW: Setting under Playback > PIP can be used to enable automatic PIP when leaving the video player to go back to the guide
  • NEW: Keyboard shortcut 'p' to toggle PIP
  • NEW: Remote Shortcut for toggling PIP can be used to setup Harmony or HDMI CEC button for fast access to PIP
  • NEW: On the Guide or On Now, you can click the same channel you're watching a second time to exit PIP mode

Great feature! I have PIP set up to activate for live TV. It works if I press the back button but doesn't work if I press any of the mapped buttons for remote shortcuts to go directly to the guide, up next, etc.

PIP on iOS TestFlight build (v2.1.1859) appears to have no PIP button and the settings option is to turn off the button. Release build works fine. Same issue on iPad

Good catch. Fixed in the next build being uploaded now.

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Apple TV PIP is a huge improvement! Thankyou

Confirmed and fixed. Thanks.

tvOS 14.4
Channels DVR Beta v2.1.1859

I’m going to test/compare the Channel DVR PIP features to the native Apple TV and ESPN apps.

  1. I like the new Menu button auto PIP option it’s very fluid (next is to enable the TV/Home button).

  2. Channels DVR still can’t play full screen and PIP at the same time and can’t swap video from PIP to full screen within the same app (you can do this in Apple TV and ESPN PIP mode).

  3. Channels DVR PIP audio doesn’t mute when you open another player in full screen (this is unacceptable, can’t have two audio playing at the same time).

  4. When you pressed the TV/Home button it should mute the full screen and unmute the Channels DVR PIP audio.

  5. Channels DVR PIP 5.1 surround sound switches to 2.0 audio when you’re in PIP AND when you open another video player with 2.0 audio only. (Apple TV app PIP mode stay at 5.1 until you exit PIP mode and then it goes back to the original audio format 2.0, 5.1 or whatever the PIP audio format was on initially).

Can you set PIP to automatically turn off when you leave the channels app?

No, that sort of goes against the whole point of PIP on the system. It's designed for usage outside of the app.

PIP is a system feature, not a Channels feature.

Ok. I just tried in Netflix and it was working as intended. I x'd out pip in Netflix, but I lost the ability to enable it again in Channels

I realize this is probably an Apple thing, but I just noticed in the latest beta the PIP window automatically snaps to the upper right corner of the screen when automatically going to the guide on my office Apple TV which drives a 1920 X 1200 resolution monitor. It does not move when scrolling up and down the guide.

On my normal TV's (regular HD, 4k), the PIP window initially goes to the bottom right corner then bounces up and down depending on which way I'm scrolling in the guide.

Much prefer the former in the upper right, but it's probably driven by the taller screen resolution.

Just fyi.

If you click the TV/Home button on your Siri remote, focus will shift to the PIP window and you can use the third icon to move it around to different corners.

Thanks, yeah I realized that. This automatic snap to the upper right is pretty cool though, so at least I can enjoy it that way in my office!!Atx5hHZw3pJjgdVQtIfLjPDMSRhjtA

Had an interesting situation this evening. I was watching live TV and had some other programmes recording. I used a remote shortcut to go directly to the Up Next screen; live TV went into PIP mode as expected. I chose one of my recordings currently in progress and clicked Watch. The programme started playing in the PIP window, but 1) it would not play from the beginning of the recording, only from the current position, and 2) no matter how many times I clicked Watch, the PIP window would not go full screen. I had to close the PIP window completely and then click Watch, then the recording would play from the beginning.

Good catch. It’s selecting the same channel that’s being watched that triggers full screen.

So a recording wouldn’t do it. We’ll look into it.

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This was fixed and is in the latest beta.

One other thing I noticed in these latest betas is that pressing the Stop button during live TV no longer does anything. Previously it would stop playback and take you to the previous screen (usually the guide). It would be great if this could be re-enabled and have it NOT start PIP. I use this as part of my Power Off sequence on my Harmony remote.

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PIP is working just great on my  TV. Thanks so much for bringing these great updates.

Cleave Guyton Jr

@maddox when you go to PIP and back to large video the P button down or up on Function or the one for all + / - remote stops working. You have to go back to the guide and select the channel for it to work again.

I think I have the same problem in the current version 4.5.8

EDIT: This happens in the Recordings section only.