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Posted new thread here in Hacks rather than continue in the announcement/API thread.

Got HASS installed and updated and added entries for Channels. Currently have an ATV 4K, Shield 2017 and FTV2 in the lounge. Driving my wife nuts - she wants me to settle on one - but got to test Channels!!

On HASS I therefore have 3 new Channels entries which I can control happily. I also however have 3 entries for the generic devices (Shield, FTV and aTV). On the aTV for example the apple_tv component displays everything the aTV is playing - including Channels so the channels component adds nothing new.

Can you think of a reason I might use the channels component rather than use the apple_tv one?


Yah, the Apple TV component gives you most of what the Channels one does, but the Channels component gives you the ability to play specific channels or recordings by their channel number or recording is respectively.

The Channels component also exposes all your favorite channels in its source selector.


The other thing it gives you is actual stop functionality, where the Apple TV component only has the “menu” button. Normally using that would stop playback, but if you’re behind the timeline in Channels, it would prompt you with the warning about losing your buffer.

So using the media_stop services of the Channels component would guarentee playback stopping.