Home screen channel for recordings

I would love to see my recordings on the Android home screen as an optional "channel". The only option here at the moment is to show Favourite channels.

If you try to add a home screen channel again you should see Up Next and Movies options

Oh perfect!

Why are recordings called Up Next? This has definitely confused me

There are two screens for recordings: "Up Next" and "Recently Recorded." "Up Next", when you click on a title, will automatically take you to the next unwatched recording in a series. "Recently..." will take you to the whole list of recordings in a series.

Ahah. That is not obvious but brilliant. Thanks guys.

Yeah, confused the bejesus out of me, at first, too :slight_smile:

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Still confuses my misses after explaining it 28 times :confused:

"Up Next" is a set of shortcuts to what's up next.

We almost never use "Recently Recorded." "Up Next" takes us to what's up next, and that's what we want, nine times out of ten.

Up Next takes the thought out of having to pick what to watch next. It uses what you've recently watched to predict and suggest what you might want to watch.

If you just watched an episode of show X, then the next episode of show X will be at the front of the line. The next in line would be something that you watched before that.

This way you don't have to dig and browse through a library full of shows and episodes just to start watching TV.

Yeah I understand. My misses doesn't!!

She always thinks it hasn't recorded a certain program as it's not at the very top. For instance if we watched something that was recorded but we watched it live it offers this same episode rather than the newer one as obviously it's marked as unwatched.

Too much for her to comprehend :slight_smile:

On the occasion where I watched, I just mark as recorded. Up next then goes away till the next episode.

But For me i actuallly went into each show on the webUI and marked each show as don’t show on UpNext.

It loses the advantage of upnext, But now there is only “Recently Recorded” so there is just one view of each series so the screen isn’t redundant. And I can see each episode.

I wish Channels' devs would rework the UI so "Up Next" and "Recently Recorded" each had the entire right side of the display to themselves. It would reduce confusion, IMO, and might sometimes obviate the need to go all the way over to "More" to find what you're seeking.

We hate side scrolling on UIs that hide content :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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