Homebridge adding content?

I am running channels on a Synology 920+. Recently I added Homebridge to the server. I noticed content in the movies folder that was not added by me, it appears its added by Homebridge. A example is a ts file //volume1/@appstore/homebridge/app/lib/node_modules/homebridge-config-ui-x/node_modules/ajv/lib/vocabularies/jtd/properties.ts. This is showing up as a movie The Properties of Metals (2023). Clearly a bad match. Some of the files have no match. I have stopped Homebridge, Emby, Jellyfin and stopped and restarted Channels but they are still there. I deleted all local content, but that did not work. The only solution was to hide each one but this would take a while since I have a few hundred of these. Any suggestions on what I should do would be appreciated.

So, you're saying that HomeBridge is writing files to the same directory that you have Channels DVR Server pointed at to import local content?

It would in fact attempt to import a .ts (typescript) as .ts is a valid video extension (MPEG2 Transport Stream).

The problem here is that it's writing to the directory you're using for imports.

Not sure how it got there. The path list homebridge in all I looked at. I have local content locations deleted to try to narrow it down but that did nothing. On the imports folder in Synology I only see a dozen or so streamlinks that are for iTunes purchased movies. Is there a setting I can turn off to make it not see those? Or is there a way to bulk hide these?

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One more bit of info. The movies on the server side are only visible by selecting all sources or imports.

Please submit diagnostics.

Just submitted

I seemed to have cleared it up. I deleted Homebridge and all files I could find. Deleted the "movies" and reinstalled Homebridge. Luckily I had a clean backup and restored all settings. Thanks.

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