Homepage Dashboard Widget for Channels DVR Server

Hey crew, I've been using this dashboard for my local self hosted services called Homepage. It's pretty nice.

So I decided to add a widget for Channels DVR Server.

They closed my Pull Request saying that they're only accepting widgets that have been requested by their community, which I think is super silly.

Anyways, if anyone wants something like this, head over to their GitHub repo to request it. Be sure to find an existing thread if one of you have already opened a topic, and up vote it.

If you're interested in this, I was planning on making one for the Channels client as well to show what's playing, but you'll need to request that as well I guess :roll_eyes:



Could you make one for the server side that shows how many active streams are running along with the name of the programming? I've always wanted something akin to Tautulli for Channels and this would be great.

Also, you could possibly show how many HDHR tuners are active since all new HDHR devices have removed the status lights on the device.

Update: I've added a feature request in the discussions, please vote and comment on that post if you are interested in this or want to add any other suggestions to the request.


how does it compare to

Thanks everyone. It got added.

I’ll work on making it a little better next and then a new widget for Channels clients themselves.