Homerun Shield Recordings With No Centre Channel

Some recordings using Homerun Duo and Shield do not output the centre channel... but it's more complicated than that.
These are my findings:
Kodi will stutter in the video and have no sound, and often locks up the entire program.
VLC will play the file, but with no centre channel. Now if I go to select audio track, and I select 'visually impaired commentary', and then re-select 'track 1'... it works just fine!
This is very strange.
I've tried to remove that 'visually impaired commentary' track in VLC remuxing and with MKV Toolnix... but that track does not come up at all, so I can't remove it.

Any ideas? This seems to be a bug to me, some recordings of the same show in the same season work perfectly with no problems...