Horizontal Scroll on Browser-based EPG

It would be helpful if the times in the EPG stayed visible at the top as the page as you scroll vertically, and have arrows/buttons to scroll horizontally in the EPG to browse a specific channel without having to scroll back up to the top of the page just to change the time or date.

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Think I replied in a thread about that. I do that quite a bit when the new season hits, and I'm setting up passes for new shows. And when I find out certain syndicated shows are on a certain channel. Makes it much easier to find and setup. For me it was what I was used to with tivo.

Also mentioned in reply to another user who mentioned this is a streaming app, but this is an app for linear TV. This is not a streaming type of app. It's mimicking linear TV for those leaving cable and using OTA, all linear. So let's keep a linear based feel and features we were used to on linear based dvr's.