Hotspot question

When connecting through a hotspot does it use the cellular or will I have to lower the Internet setting on my tablet ?

Depends on the device and OS. You can see which setting has a checkmark.

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Amazon new HD10 Tablet ... I see both the Internet and Cellular both checked ... I had to lower the Internet.

Can you screenshot and submit diagnostics

Diagnostics submitted .

Thanks. I uploaded a new beta with a fix. Can you try it and see if the correct option is checked now?

It checked internet which is kinda high for a HotSpot.

I set Internet to 720p 3mps was 1080P 8MPS
cellular to 480p 1mps was 720p 3mps

But I guess HotSpots are considered Internet.

I would assume so, since the device only sees a wireless network; it has no way to know that the wireless network is backed by a cellular connection.

The tablet doesn't know its connected to a hotspot- only that it is on WiFi. The cellular detection depends on Android API which tells the app when the phone is on LTE.

I found another API which Android uses to detect metered wifi. I'll upload a new beta that uses it.

More info:

No hurry I just lower the Internet connection to a playable bitrate. It does show when it is connected to the Hotspot it is metered.

That sounds right.

Please try the new beta 5.29.0001

Yes the Cellular Hotspot selected Cellular and the XFINITYWiFI hotspot selected Internet everything is working great Thank You. Home WIFI Selected Original.

Now I guess i will see how Alexa works in controlling playback :grinning::grinning:

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Just an FYI this only works on OS as the older os's do not flag metered WIFI networks.