How about a thread for deals?

Maybe we could have sticky for deals. For instance Staples has a 5tb backup for $80

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I've moved this to the Hardware forum.

Bestbuy an 8tb external hard drive for $129

Not hardware but a phenomenal price on one of the best TVs you can buy. I have the 55" the picture is spectacular

You all are following Channel's Twitter account, right? Picked up a sweet 10TB drive during Amazon prime day thanks to it!

Can you follow if you are not on Twitter?

I think you have to have an account.

Ok I tried to sign up for Twitter on my phone. They want me to give my birthday and scroll through 50 years month by month to add it. Pass

No need to give your real birthday. In fact, I recommend not giving your real birthday. Just make sure you're over 18.


Advertised as Re-certified, from a 3rd party WD PR2100 2/2TB

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Ordered it last week. I guess he's contracted to do refurbished WD product. Weird his store seems to come and go. Great reviews though.

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It appears that he offers for a week/2. Then closes and reopens later.

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Not going to muddy up the TVE ???, thread going on I’ll ask here.

What device are you using currently for Channels DVR?

Acer laptop 8 Gb 8 cores / AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx

With seagate 4tb drive. What to free it up for other things.


I was hoping for a low powered NAS...:wink: obviously I can’t use your setup for my other tests.

I’d love to pickup that PR2100, but I’ll probably stay on intended course for the DS918+, as I snagged on Prime Day for $467. If I return, I might regret later.

For the record, can only surmise that your TVE problem today was probably temp internet throughput.

I have it on the Synology DS1019+ ... but I am testing a NUC with 1TB HD and it runs quite well for $279 on Amazon... So I will recommend the NUC for anyone that wants an affordable entry level device. It has the same CPU as my NAS... and does Hardware transcoding. USB3 Ports to add additional storage if needed.

Couldn’t you get a core i 3 laptop for the same price?

I prefer the size of the NUC to a laptop at my Entertainment Center.

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For a while I tested mini PC...ACE GK1 (Pentium N5000) excellent also (except for fan noise). Took a bit to get Channels devs to pinpoint and fix transcode for use to ATV4K.

I've moved this to the new Deals category.

Please post each deal separately so it can have it's own thread. Great idea!