HOW can I get the TV GUIDE with the preview on the upper side?

Hello guys, I just subscribed about a month ago, I’m a newbie on TV Boxes, yet I totally love this app**, I just have a question:

I would love to have the guide to display the PREVIEW (Image A) of the show I’m hovering on as in your website, YET when I installed the app in my Android TV Box, I get is a guide with NO PREVIEW (Image B).

I appreciate all your help in this matter.

Lou Portillo

My little gear is MX10 Pro TV Box - Android 9.0 4GB DDR3

You need a device that runs Android TV, not Android.

Maybe you can find something like but for Allwinner instead of Amlogic

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Hello tmm1, I’m grateful for your help, regarding your answer, I did get an Android TV Box from Amazon, here are the details…

Timmery MX10 Pro Android 9.0 Smart TV Box Allwinner H6 Quad Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 High-Performance Multi-core GPU Mali T720 H.264-H.265

Do you think I still may have the wrong item?

Thank you

That is not a certified Android TV. It runs Android 9.0, not Android TV 9.0. They are different operating systems. The app is running in tablet mode because the Android TV code is not kicking in.

See UI setting to switch between phone/TV layouts