How can I record Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen?

I know that this doesn't have anything to do with the topic... but how are you able to record Cook's Country and ATC? I've been drm'ed out!

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Good question considering he is using channel 605.

If you set up Pluto as a custom channel, you can get some episodes but i'm not sure how old they are.

Correct, channel 605 is on Pluto TV and the channel's name is... you guessed it: "America's Test Kitchen" :slightly_smiling_face:
No DRM on Pluto TV.

I just checked now and they are airing S03E04 as I type this.
That will be followed by S17E23, S07E08, S17E10.
Seems to be quite random. I guess that's what you get with Pluto TV.

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The problem with the ATK channel on Pluto is that they insert their own stupid commercials at random places, and it totally messes with the pacing.

The most recent seasons of ATK and CC are also free-to-stream on their own website, too. (And if you pay for access to ATK, et al., you get streaming access to every episode, as well as access to past seasons' recipes, too.)


It is still very frustrating considering we help pay for their airings.

To which are you referring, exactly?

On PBS, possibly. On Pluto, only if you watch their content, or if you subscribe to/purchase anything from ViacomCBS.

I've recorded years of both shows on my local PBS station so the randomness of Pluto doesn't help me. I can't get my local PBS ota so I'm stuck. In my opinion, now that the topic was split, its nothing but greed.

In that case, if you enjoy Cook's Illustrated, America's Test Kitchen, and Cook's Country the only way to properly express that is to directly subscribe to them. Then you can have full access, and directly support a resource you use.

(IIRC, a subscription is only $50/year.)

I'm way ahead of you. I already do! Me and my fat typing fingers! :crazy_face:

I'm a years-long ATK/CC viewer too.

Their youtube content, at least for ATK, is excellent, and truly free. Worth a try.

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