How do I extract ALL Channels feeds into a single M3U?

Another community member has been helping me try to do this but his solution isn't working for me so I thought I'd ask here.

If I go to:

I get the M3U for my NY area Locast stations. Works like a charm.

if I go to:


I get the M3U for ATT TV Everywhere. Great.

If I go to

I get an not found error.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

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AHHHH syntax for the win. Thanks.

This is pretty slick - however, it would be nice if the file also included which source it came from :confused:

You can replace ANY in the endpoint with your source name to get one specific to your source:
GET /devices/TVE-DTV/channels.m3u?format=ts

(To get the DeviceIDs, either use your HDHR DeviceID, or check out the JSON returned from GET /devices to see each source's DeviceID.)

Where would that be in the m3u?
Local TVE NBC for instance.

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="6000" tvg-chno="6000" tvg-logo="" tvg-name="WNBCDT" group-title="HD",NBC

#EXTGRP:Source Name
#EXTINF:-1 channel-id=...

You could use a EXTGRP header at the beginning of each source's channels.

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True, feature request possibly, but not currently there.
Guess I should have reworded my post to say 'where is it in the m3u' instead of 'where would that be'. :smiley:

Correct. The generated playlists do not indicate which source a stream belongs to. As I posted in my response, if you need to separate your streams/playlists by source, then don't use the ANY DeviceID when requesting the playlist; instead use the DeviceID for each particular source.

My comment about the EXTGRP header was to indicate where such information could be placed, using an already accepted component of the playlist format.

Just replying in case anyone else reads this and struggles like I did. When you replace "ANY" in that URL, what you (specifically) need to replace it with can be found by going to your SOURCES, choosing the one you want, clicking the cog wheel and selecting MANAGE LINEUP.

On the next screen in the upper corner you can see name (highlighted in the photo below). So if I ONLY wanted the AT&T channels as an m3u (and not ALL my tuners in one big m3u) I'd replace 'ANY' with 'TVE-ATT'


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