How do i install Channels DVR Server on a NEW DS920+


and add my TVE Sources back in?

Would it be faster to plug my external WD Elements into my NAS directly and copy from there?


You can copy the Database folder first, then you would visit x.x.x.x:8089/restore to find the old backup which contains all your TVE logins and passes etc

Then you copy over TV and Movies etc which takes a lot longer

A lot longer being 19 hours?

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Depends how much stuff you have, but yea over a network it could take that long. Directly currently it might be a few hours.

So either way I lose whatever I am recording at this very minute correct?

Not trying to be ignorant just trying to get a good strategy for when I want to do this.

Yes when you restore backup you lose anything new you have created since. That's why it usually makes sense to copy over Database first, do a restore from there and let new recordings start up. Then move over the video files because those aren't used until you try to play them.

can i point the apps on my devices to the new server while i am copying old files to it?


Cool Thanks

One more thing I think:
If I am copying across my network when should i cancel all recording from my old channels SVR or stop the service from running?
Looks like it should be finished in about 5 hrs but I am still recording to that drive via the old system, so it technically would never end.

Do I even have to worry about the old system recording anything?

Did you see Channels Support - How do I move Channels DVR Server to a new computer?

Yes sir, I had a little trouble understanding the directions but everything is up and running now. I appreciate all of the help.
As an old man who forgot most of what I knew back when I set up windows peer to peer networks, I struggle with how all this works now.

It sure is amazing what you guys have done with this.
Keep up the good work and thanks again for putting up with my lack of knowledge.

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