How do i install Channels DVR Server on a NEW DS920+

I am new to channels and I just bought a Synology DS920+ with (4) x 8TB drives
I am pretty clear on standard setup for my NAS but now I need to know how to install Channels DVR on it and migrate my current data to the NAS.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

To know which steps you need help with, perhaps you can indentify which ones from the documentation you're having trouble with?

There's a package for Synology's DSM, and instructions for that on the website:

As for moving your data, there a document about that, too:

I guess the first question is will channels run on DSM 7.1?
I have never had a NAS before so this is a little intimidating.
Then it looks like all I have to do is upload the package into my NAS.

Is that all there is to the install?
Does it run automatically?
I guess I would like to know what to expect.
So for being so anal but as a noob I don’t want to mess it up.
Thank you for the help!

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Oh and one more thing - am I still executing and running on my laptop or is the NAS running and controlling the channels software?
This is all new to me, thanks for your patience.

In answer to your first question, It works great on DSM 7.1. I am using it on DSM 7.1-42661 Update 4 without issue.

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If you install it on your NAS and run it from there, then that is where it will be. If you migrate your settings and data over, there is no more need for the PC to run it.

That is what I thought happens and what I am looking for.
So is it like this:

  1. Download your file
  2. Upload the package into my NAS
  3. Grant permission for my local content.
    4: migrate using the instruction you pointed me to in your first response.
    Is it that easy?

Best is to leave your current Channels DVR running on your laptop while you get used to it on the new NAS.
Setup the new NAS and make some sacrificial recordings (just to test). Yes, you can run Channels DVR on both, just don't try to record from both at the same time using an HDHR tuner or you'll run out of tuners.
When you're comfortable with it running on your new NAS, then you can migrate (copy) everything (settings, channel lineups, recordings, etc.) from your current laptop setup to the new NAS and restore it there. At that point you can retire the laptop, but don't have to,
Don't rush into it. Peace of mind.

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Thank you so much!
I will push forward at a nice and slow pace checking operation before I delete the old server on my laptop.

Install couldn't have been easier!
Thanks for taking the fear out of me.
Now on to setting up some test recordings.
Thanks to all for your help!

I noticed that Channels installed directly on the storage pool - no option to install it in my shared folder i made.

  1. Is that normal? I thought I was supposed to create a directory (or container) to install it into.
    2.I can't get to the restore screen after doing some test recordings from the new installation.
    Any Help Would be appreciated.

No, the folder you create (and grant permissions to the channels user is for storing the recordings and other data like backups, image caches, etc.

When you installed the package it installed itself into the filesystem where packages go.

OK, so I need to create a DVR folder in my shared folders for Channels to store my recordings?
Is that correct?
Then how do I get my current recordings into that folder - Copy them?



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The Synology package creates a shared folder automatically and sets it up. What is the issue with it?

If you want to use your own shared folder you can do that, but you will not be able to delete the auto-created one IIRC. And you would need to go into the permissions of the new folder, under "system internal users" and grant access to channels.

So how do i get my existing recordings into the shared folder synology created?
I cannot see it from my computer - do I need to map it to have access to copy my existing stuff into it?

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Does it show up in the shares manager? Maybe you need to grant more permissions to it so your PC can see it

shares manager? - do you mean storage manager?

yes wherever the shares are managed in the synology interface

ok got it I just mapped the share to a drive.
So now I need to copy all of my recordings in there by copying all of the directories under my old DVR directory to my new share?