How do I record from iPad app?

I’ve been trying for over an hour, but can’t figure out how to record from the iOS app. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

Are you familiar with how recording works in the app in general? Have you used it on a tv streaming device? It works the same.

Or are you asking in general how recording works for the app.

I am asking in general. I have an active subscription, the server on a ReadyNAS and the DVR version of the app. I just can’t figure out how to record from either iPad or even Apple TV with the remote.

I'm still not sure I personally understand what you mean?

  1. Do you mean how to schedule a recording using a client app on an iPad or Apple TV?
  2. Do you mean how to record directly to your iPad or Apple TV?

For 1, you bring up the info dialog of the program and create a recording. (This can be a one-off, or a series pass, etc.)

For 2, that's not quite how it works. You record onto your DVR server. Then, you can access your recordings when you are connected to your DVR. However, for those times when the network may be spotty or non-existent, you can download individual recordings from your DVR onto your device for offline access.

Or perhaps you can clarify what exactly you are asking?

The app will only show record options if it is able to download guide data from the dvr. Does the dvr web UI show guide data and let you record?

I think I've figured out what the problem was. In the web UI "Live TV -> Guide" was set to "All Sources -> Favorites". I didn't have any channels set as favorites, so nothing showed up. Incidentally this also seems to have prohibited the 'record' and 'season pass' options from rendering in the apps (iOS + tvOS). At least that's how I'm explaining it to myself, you will most certainly know if that could have been the case.

During my poking around I also recreated the guide database via "Settings -> Guide Database -> Maintenance". Maybe that helped as well.

In any case, really appreciate the quick replies of everyone in forum, thank you for that!

I was just going bonkers since there was no 'record' option anywhere, so it was 1. Thank you for pointing out No. 2., the download option will come in handy.