How do I turn off the new Seasons sorting in the WebUI?

While I appreciate the feature, I need to keep the old sorting method (Most Recently Aired First) as it is how I keep track of recently recorded shows that need Commercial editing vs. those that I've already verified. How do I go re-enable that old view?

This is the new design we’re moving forward with. The old view isn’t available. Is just looking at the bottom of the list not an option?

This gives me an idea to mark the episodes as verified when you do that though.

Unfortunately, no. This new view is great but it completely fubars large volume commercial editing workflows. The previous sorting method made it very easy to determine, at a glance, which shows were most recent and therefore require commercial verification.

Keep in mind, not everything is broadcast sequentially. For example, I'm currently recording Last Man Standing which, in my broadcast area, is averaging 50 episodes a week across 3-4 seasons. That's a lot of new recordings that I now have to spend time locating instead of just pulling up a single list and starting from the top.

The new view is a no brainer for a Library View but the previous sorting method, in my humble opinion, was no less important. Please consider giving us both options, at the very least for the Recordings menu in the Web UI.

Thanks so much for the insight on your flow! The web admin is, in fact, designed to be an admin and for curation. We want it to be a place you can do these things fast, where they would be a slog in the apps.

We’re considering transforming the old Recordings page into a place to do batch processing and fast administration.

Would having a list of recordings in order of when they were recorded, no matter their grouping, be helpful?

In fact, you should be able to do that now if you go to the Recordings section of the Recordings page.

I’ll get a verified badge added to the recordings as well, so you can see at a glance which recordings you have already verified.

To be honest, I think having a list of recordings in order of when they were recorded, no matter their grouping, would only be helpful if the number of recordings were reasonable. Say less than 10 or so. For anyone like me, with a large number of unprocessed recordings, that list could be quite large and may be a bit cumbersome.

In my use case, I am both adding a new series to my collection as well as grabbing a few one off recordings to complete previously existing collections. Whenever I have a large number of recordings to verify, I tend to attack the workload chronologically, sorting via the old Recordings -> All -> Chronological View. This made it easy to keep track of not only my editing progress but I could also keep track of which shows I had yet to traverse through since they too were sorted chronologically.

Just this past weekend I spent 3 hours verifying approximately 50 different recorded show episodes. (Comskip isn't perfect but we love it anyway, right?) I don't want to think about how long that would have taken me with this new view.

That was my immediate thought after suggesting it to you! Right now that Recordings page is nuts when it loads.The new library views were the first step in traversing your library in a sane way.

The reason the Recodings page wasn’t removed right away was for just these scenarios.

Thanks so much for describing all this. I’m putting a bunch of time into the web views for the first part of the year and the goal is to be able to browse and curate much better. And being able to traverse through recordings as they come in is clearly a big deal.

I’ll work on something soon so that this is possible.

Thanks for taking my use case into consideration. I look forward to the future updates. In the mean time, it's time to edit some files.

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i second this. Same use case with Law and Order. Original air date would be nice. Defaulting to the episode order would work too.

OK, I've revamped the Recordings section to start moving it towards a quick management interface. It's up on the latest pre-release now.

Movies and Shows have been removed since they're obviated by the new library views. Recordings now shows a max of 50 recordings. You can sort them by their original release or when they were added to your library.

They also have a verified tag on them if you've verified the commercials.

More work will continue on this view to make it more usable.

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Not sure why but it took me a second to wrap my head around the top menu changes. I REALLY like the new Verified badge, especially how the color makes the Verified status stand out. Well done!

Since you are still iterating on these views, may I request a category that will sort Recordings per-show right here?


I think we'll get to that sometime soon. I have to think about how it will be laid out. Having every show listed there will feel real bad, but I do understand the need.

Maybe it'd be easier to have a dropdown next to the sorts that lists show names. Then you can just pick like that and keep the same UI.

FYI - I'm not sure why but it appears that the Verified tag is not persisting. None of the recordings that were previously marked as Verified have the tag anymore. I've verified this against both Safari and Chrome.

OK, I've done more iterations on this and it's up on pre-release now.

Now, you can view your recordings and choose to see just movies or just recordings from shows. You can also choose to filter the show recordings by the actual show. Additionally you can decide to included imported items or just show things that were actually recorded with the DVR.

The reason you stopped seeing the verified stuff was because this functionality was never merged into the main codebase and other pre-releases went out. This should change today, but give the current one a try.

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A couple quick observations.

  • Repeatedly clicking the Date Added and Date Released sort buttons doesn't work quite right. You can switch between each button, but if you click either button two ore more times, nothing happens. I think the sorting should toggle between the oldest and newest dates for the given sort method, correct?

  • Clicking Shows under the Recordings side menu results in this error.

Initially, I thought this may have been a caching issue but I was able to recreate the behavior in a completely separate browser in Privacy/Incognito mode.

If I refresh the error page, the UI loads with some additional options that weren't previously visible. Namely, the All Shows pulldown menu appears.

No, the sort direction never did toggle upon a second press of the order type.

Can you try updating to the latest prerelease to see if that error is fixed?

A bad build went out. Update to the latest snd thst error is resolved. The sorts are not designed to reverse order.

Ok, I've updated to the latest pre-release, cleared cache, and the javascript error is no more. :+1:

That said, there's still some confusing behavior with sorting.

Comparing sorting behavior between Chrome and Safari, I end up with different results. For example, in Safari, when I Click on Date Added, my Bob's Burgers recordings are sorted from newest to oldest.

In Chrome, my Bob's Burgers recordings are sorted from oldest to newest.

Clicking the Date Added button does not reverse the displayed order in either browser. The way it shows up is the way it stays.

@maddox - To be honest, I'm rather confused about this last part. Should repeatedly clicking the Date Added or Date Released buttons continually reverse the order of the displayed content? Because currently, it does not.

yea, this new view is not intuitive at all. what happened to "all shows"? i guess its in the new drop down menu?

As has been mentioned in this thread a few times, no, reversing the order isn't something it does. So the functionality you're describing as a bug, isn't a bug. It does not do this. I can look into adding it, but again what's happening is actually correct. It only sorts in one direction.

As for Chrome sorting differently, I'll look into this, but that's pretty crazy to me. This isn't a browser dependent thing.