How do you delete Channels completely and clean reinstall on Android?

My channel guide isn’t showing up properly with Android. Channels are missing from the guide and the favorites aren’t up to date and are old.

I’ve deleted the apps on iOS, iPadOS and Apple TV successfully and reinstalled to clear this all up. Android still shows the older channel info.

How do you delete Channels completely and clean reinstall the app? I logged out of the community website and deleted cookies for getchannels and channelsdvr. I cleared the app cache and data. I then deleted the app. I restarted mu phone. I checked data and Android folders in Files app for com.getchannels directories, but found none. I then reinstalled the app and logged back in. Still, old data persists.

Please help. How do you delete completely and reinstall the Channels app on Android?

Which "old data" is persisting? When Channels first launches, it pulls the sources, their priorities, and channel lists (including which are enabled, disabled, or favorited) from the DVR server.

Thanks. Old favorites remain, and new channels found are not showing up in the guide.

They appear in all of my iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices that I reinstalled Channels on. But they are not appearing on Android phone reinstalls. I tried saving a new Database Backup, but this hasn’t helped.

Do the channels appear under Settings > Manage Sources

Yes, all of my channels appear in each source. I just noticed that each source has a "Sync Favorites / Hidden" button that can import from the source (or export to the source). This resolved the favorites issue on my Android phone.

It would be great if iOS, iPadOS and tvOS also had this "Sync Favorites / Hidden" button. I had to delete and reinstall these apps on all of my Apple devices.