How do you get Channels App on LG TV


Please help. I just installed my Homerun Quatro I am set up for cable when I scan for cable I get nothing. Does any of you good people have any advice, please? I"m using an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Computer.


The HDHomeRun QUATRO is an OTA model. You have to plug an antenna into it. It won’t work with cable.

Who is your cable provider?

The Channels app is available for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV devices. We don’t have an app that runs directly on LG TVs.


Thank you, there is an ethernet plug on the HDHomerun Quatro, I have it plugged into my modem. I have Uverse as a cable provider. I was under the impression that the Quatro could be used for either cable or OTA.


Uverse is not a traditional cable company, and there’s no way to use HDHomeRun with it.

For most cable providers (Xfinity, Verizon FIOS, etc), you can get a HDHomeRun PRIME and plug in a CableCARD that you rent from your provider.

The HDHomeRun CONNECT/QUATRO is an OTA device. It supports ClearQAM cable standard, but not many cable companies use that anymore since everything is encrypted nowadays.


Okay, Thank you very much. There is nothing on the network channels nor PBS that I care watching, so OTA is not much of an option for me. However, I do enjoy some of the cable channels.


One option you can look into is the new HDHomeRun Premium TV subscription, which allows you to receive 45 cable channels via your HDHR for $34.99/mo

If you go that route, you could cancel your Uverse and still get all the cable channels you enjoy via Channels and Channels DVR.