How do you update the tailscale version on the DVR integration

Ive noticed that tailscale has updated to version 1.4 on mac and ive updated accordingly. However on the tailscale admin console the channels dvr tailscale integration is showing version 1.36.2.

How does the integrated tailscale get updated on channels? Im on the latest prerelease.

I use both the built in CDVR tailscale and a separate tailscale on the same server for other use.

It's managed by us. We can update it for next prerelease.


Also, the iOS release version is now 1.42.0 ‎Tailscale on the App Store

Thanks, now at 1.42.0


Version 1.44.0 is now available

1.48 out please update soon.Says more stable.Maybe can get better throughput.Would be nice if you could force it to use direct connection instead of derp👍

The person handling the updates will probably push it after testing etc.
You should be using the lastest pre-release version.


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Easy way to use 3rd party player like Tivimate without having to need a token👍
Works great cept for the derp relay servers will ruin the video with buffering.Nice using tailscale because no more codes with channels dvr but derp causes buffering on decent bitrate video.If you can force it to use direct with tailscale it would be Rock Solid.Just a thought.Tailscale is the weakest link in that chain.Direct connection is the way to go

I always run newest :blush::+1: