How do you update your Channels DVR to Beta

My apologies but I can seem to find this. (Probably due to my stupidity)

I am running the Channels DVR on an Intel NUC running Windows 10.

How can I update it to the latest beta version?

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Click and hold the update button


Thanks for the quick response. This is why I'm a Channels customer for life and ALWAYS recommend your software. It's a cool easy way to update but surprised it wasn't apparent anywhere on the interface. But either way you guys rock!

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Stalled update: It looks like my latest Beta update has been stalled for about 48 hours now.

Waiting to upgrade to 2021.01.24.1630...

Looking at the logs, I can't see anything that has been holding it up. How do I get this unstuck?

Isn't there a "Restart Now" button next to that message?

You can also restart the DVR service by clicking the TV icon in the mac menu bar (next to the clock) and selecting Restart.


The problem is resolved now, after my whole server froze up and had to be restarted. I was hoping to avoid that, but at least it didn't interrupt any recordings.

(There was no "Restart Now" button as it was stuck on "Upgrade Now" with a spinning wheel. This may have been a server vice a Channels-specific issue.)