How does Channels map guide data to Telly?

Hello, I've been using Channels successfully for some time now. I use it mostly with my HD Homerun and TVE. I do, also, fill in some channels using Telly/IPTV.

I create a tvg-chno number for each channel and logically group them. I've found that if I map guide data in Telly it always seems to "stick" to the proper tvg-chno. The only other fields I include in the M3U file are tvg-name and group-title. To do this, I have a VBA script which parses an M3U and "cleans" and adds in the channel numbers that I have set. This is complicated for most users.

If you use Telly and let it assign channel numbers, does Channel DVR channel mapping use another one of the M3U fields or do you need to remap channels each time you change the number and order of channels in the M3U? I am hoping a DEV might be able to answer this. I've suggested this product to some friends but I wanted to understand how this will function for them.


Channels DVR only knows about the channel number being advertised by Telly

Thanks for the explanation.

So, my approach seems to be the best option then. It works perfectly, but it's not that easy to do for everyone. I set up an XLS file with Channel # (that I assigned) and a key field from the M3U then apply this to the M3U whenever I need to update it. That way Telly is always using the same channel number with Channels DVR.