How many Strmlinks are supported?

I loaded all the US TV and Movies links into my server and I end up with alot of slowness(DS1019+ NAS on 2/4 version). I have Pluto and a few other other streaming service guides confined also. I just pushing it too hard importing everything?

What is slow and where?

I saw very high CPU and ram usage which lead to a very slow/hanging web site. The apple tv clients would be slow to load and sometime wouldn't see a guide or any content when loaded. After a few reboots, I restored the database to before I added Strmlinks, and its seems better now.

Should I be able to load all of them? I love this feature!


I'm in the middle of the same thing. Adding all the US movie strmlnks to my DVR wasn't too bad but the processing the TV links completely maxed out my RAM and caused my entire NAS to become unusable.

I'm about to do a reinstall to try and restore my database.

Was channels-dvr using the RAM? How much was it using? Can you screenshot the activity monitor on your NAS?

What do you mean “all of them”?

How many movies and episodes does it report are in your library?

I cloned the folder from your github repo and tried to import all of the links, I'm assuming @Iommi meant the same thing.

I believe it was. I already restored from a backup and got rid of the links from my library, but I have 4GB of RAM and it was at 90+% for a few hours. The settings page of the admin web interface was stuck on the loading spinner and the log wasn't logging anything.

Also, all of my devices only loaded OTA channels (not TVE or custom M3U channels) and even those were struggling to stream.

I cloned the folder also.

I checked task manager and it was channels that was using close to 4BG and all the cpu. At one point I was able to stop Channels in Synology Web interface and Synology thought it was was stopped but task manager still saw it running and using all the cpu. I had to reboot the NAS to get it back. I'm sorry i should have taken some screen grabs at the time. Willing to debug it if you have any guidance. A few time I did try to submit a diagnostic log but the web interface was frozen before I did the restore

When you import something, any client that’s open and running will be notified and then make a request on the server. With thousands and thousands of stream links, you’re probably ddosing your server lol.

If the client is just slow browsing around, it’s probably due to 20,000 movies and tv episodes in your library.

Ymmv on using it day to say with this size of a library.

That repo with stream links was made to give examples of stream links and easy ways to pluck specific things. Importing the whole thing isn’t really a great idea.

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