How much memory to run CDVR in a VM

I'm running CDVR Server on a 16GB ATOP-NUC under Ubuntu. I'm considering setting up a VM on this box and running CDVR on it. When I set up the VM, how much memory should I allocate to run CDVR comfortably.

Any reason to put it in a VM instead of install it bare metal?

I've personally found 4GB to be sufficient. But if you set it up as a container (OCI, Docker, Podman, LXC, systemd-nspawn), then your container will share the memory with the host. A full VM just for Channels seems a bit overkill in my opinion; especially because the resources allocated to the VM are unavailable for anything else.

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Only because I like to play.

If you plan to use a HDHR tuner for OTA channels, you may run into issues, as they are very sensitive to latency. You also have to have the HDHR and CDVR Server on the same network/subnet, so depends on your VM setup and NIC interfaces.

I'm running Channels in an LXC container under Proxmox... I've allocated 4GB and 4 processor cores... I've never had a resource issue with this configuration, and have recorded 10 simultaneous TVE streams while watching a recorded program...


I'm running channels on a Proxmox VM on an Intel NUC (Windows VM). I gave it 4 cores and 6gb of RAM, and it is way oversized. I have multiple people using it remotely as well as 6 program sources, both HDHR and TVE. I can't remember a time when it actually used more that 2gb of RAM or maybe 10% of the CPU..

To me, maintaining an entirely extra operating system, just for Channels DVR Server, would be the biggest downside to using a VM vs just running it on the host or in a docker container.

Maintenance like this is a lot these days.

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I like to tinker. It's a fun way of learning. I already maintain 5 Ubuntu PC's I have running on my network and its not much of a chore. If the VM thing becomes too much of a chore I'll just call it quits and go back to the original system image,

Thanks everybody for the tips.

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I manage all of my systems with Ansible as a hobby... (used to be professionally, but that life has passed)... it doesn't matter how many systems I have, I just manage a single set of configuration files and regularly run an update routine...

How do you have multiple people using it? There is no separate profiles under Channels????

What does lack of Profiles have anything with how many people use it.?

I just let my mom watch via her firestick using tailscale VPN, and a friend on her ipad.. at any given time I may have 2 TVs at home, and then 2 remote clients using it, plus recording several things at once.. Never a problem..