How on earth do you restart Linux Dvr server

There is no place on settings page or on app on fire tv.

systemctl restart channels-dvr

Can we get an actual button like rpi had on server page?

No because it is it different per linux distribution, and some setups may not have permissions to access systemctl.

Why do you need to restart the DVR?

Nothing refreshes
I tried to change storage path and it won't exit setup guide page
I've been having a ton of trouble the dvr finding my old dvr files even tho In correct folders

The DVR does not look in folders for old files. You have to restore a backup if you are moving the DVR.

See Channels Support - How do I move Channels DVR Server to a new computer?

I did just that then placed all my media in those folders where I told it to look elsewhere and nothing

You'll need to check the Support > Logs page to see if there are errors. I'm guessing there's some permissions issue. Was your DVR on linux before?

So I downloaded a movie from playing it's in MP4 format. Saved it to the file movies should be saved to and nothing shows up??