How Reliable is DVR on Shield?


I've been running DVR on my Synology 1815+ and it's been near flawless. However, I'm considering using my Shield instead so I'm not taxing the NAS too much and to speed up commercial detection (1hr HD takes about 40 mins currently)

How reliable is this set-up now? Any external HDD disconnects, missed recordings etc?

I also use it as a Plex server, has that caused any issues?


It seems to be pretty stable these days. Have not heard about HDD disconnection in a while. We recommend people disable Plex though, so not sure how that would interact.


Thanks. I will need Plex server but don't use it's DVR functionality (because it's crap compared to Channels) and it wouldn't share the same HDD. Do you think that'd be sufficient for a stable setup?


Probably but you would have to try it to make sure.


Thanks. Is there a way I can have both DVRs running on my home network whilst I test?


You could setup a fresh new test DVR and turn off bonjour checkbox on it. Then you would use “Connect to DVR” on the app to connect to that one instead of your main one.


It's been great for me. I had some issues early on (mentioned above) with my external hard drive disconnecting, but that hasn't been a problem since the Oreo update. I only put Channels on my Shield because I had it and wanted to try out the DVR service. I planned to eventually get a NAS to do it right, but it's been working for me perfectly and if it's not broken, why by all new hardware? haha