How t get rid of damn Watch Next button on my ipad?

Channels DVR has always been very well behaved. Until the last week!
Now when I watch a show on my iPad I get a large overlay panel in the bottom right hand corner through the ENTIRE SHOW telling me about the next episode. This is not part of the content, it is something separate slapped on top by Channels DVR.
I can do nothing with the panel except tap it (which launches the next episode, and as an extra "to hell with you" loses my places in the current episode). I cannot move the button, cannot shrink it, cannot get rid of it. No preference seems to control it.

I have no idea what lunatic at Channels DVR thought this was a good idea, but STOP IT.
The whole reason people like me are willing to pay you a subscription fee is because we want control over our TV. Take that away and your subscription revenue disappears.
Get rid of this stupid damn button NOW! And don't ever bring back anything like that!

You should be able to dismiss the button by clicking Menu on your remote

Mine only has that show up at the very end of the episode. Sounds like a bug maybe. I don’t mind it being there at the end.

Also I found Mr Mayor surprisingly funny in a stupid fun kind of way. Haha.

Not Apple TV... No remote.

Yes, at the end of an episode is fine. Throughout the entire episode, rather less fine!

Well if Tina Fey is involved you have to give it a chance, right?

Ah you're right there should be a simple way to dismiss on iPad too.

That's the spirit! Now we're on the same page :grinning:
I look forward to the iPad update soon.

Just to be clear that button is only intended to be there at the very end of the show, not throughout.

You're right. If it was visible during the entire show then something else is also wrong.

Was the new episode still recording when you started watching the first one? Can you reproduce the issue again now by setting both to unwatched?

Yes, it was visible throughout the show. That's the point. I'm not being dumb here!

To answer your questions:

  • I was not watching the show live or "almost live". Both episodes had been recorded few days earlier.
  • The DVR was not recording anything else while I was watching
  • The issue reproduces with the first episode of Mr Mayor. I've tried a few episodes of other shows where I have more than one episode and it doesn't reproduce. So, contrary to my initial fears, it's a bug not a policy choice.
    I can't think of any particular reason that triggered the bug, nothing special about the episode. (On the other hand I also can't imagine how a bug could happen in something as simple as "if endTime-nowTime<30 sec"...)
    EXCEPT it is noteworthy that the first episode detected no commercials (and FWIW the second episode has also missed most of them) whereas the other recently recorded shows I check have detected commercials correctly (including other NBC shows, so it's not like the network is doing something weird).
    So maybe in some way those two are related, different symptoms of a single underlying problem?

Failed comskip suggests maybe a timestamp issue in the file.. which would explain this bug as well.

If you find that first recording on the web UI and click View Details what does it show?

I mentioned in another thread that these new 'features' would be unpopular with some Channels users, myself included. Auto-play next episode? NO! Show a pop-up for the next episode? NO! These are things I always try to turn off on other streaming services and I'm surprised they are being forced on Channels users, a premium paid service. At the very least there should be server-side flags to turn these into options, defaulted to off. I simply wish to watch what I want, when I want to, with no overlays of any kind. I don't think this is unreasonable.

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You may want to hold your surprise until you've looked at the settings: Settings > Playback > Auto Play. There you can disable the feature, and also control when it may apply.

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That's fair enough but that is per device, so I have to go around every device in the house and turn it off? Not good enough, it needs to be a server side setting. Also that is just for auto-play, not the new overlay that shows the next episode, which is very intrusive. I moved away from Plex due to such things.

Maybe it's because I don't watch much on Apple clients, but I believe that the "Watch Next" button is part of the Auto Play feature. I've disabled the Auto Play, and don't recall ever seeing the Watch Next button appear. (I could be wrong, as Apple is not my primary platform for Channels.)

Correct, most all settings are client local. (Better sync abilities are being worked on, but not available yet.)

Since this is something that happens on the client, I can't see why this necessitates a server-side setting. Perhaps a per-series setting (like commercial detection or appearing in Up Next is), but fully server-based is a bit much. Also, since this feature is only on Apple clients presently, that seems to be a bigger driving force making it a client setting.

Thank you, those are all excellent points. The reason for my request to make it server side is that it would stop 'next ep' and so on for all devices connected to the server, across both the household and those that watch my server via the web, rather than telling everyone to turn it off and how to do so.

I'm just a little wary of developers doing what they think is best for users. Netflix does it, Plex does it, often infuriating users at changes that are often more beneficial to them than the user.

Don't get me wrong, I tried DVR on Plex, Emby, NextPVR and others and Channels is head and shoulders above all of them, that's why I pay for it, I think it's wonderful. But please always consider choices for users that may not wish to have 'innovative' new features.

I stand corrected. It appears the Watch Next card is default—and can't be disabled—in Apple clients. It is only the Auto Play that can be disabled.

From How to Auto Play

While turned off, Channels will show the same card describing the next episode.

Because of the above, I agree with the OP: the Watch Next card should be a user-selectable option, and off by default. (Additionally, the Watch Next card ought to also be able to be set as a series-level option server-wide, just as commercial detection, appearance in Up Next, sorting options, etc., are.)

View Details gives:

TV/Mr. Mayor/Mr. Mayor S01E01 Pilot 2021-01-07-1959.mpg


32 min

Bit Rate
13,530,622 bits/sec

File Size
3,201,697,716 bytes

File ID

Streaming Index
Up to date


Track #0: MPEG-2 video
1920x1080 16:9 yuv420p interlaced 29.97fps

Track #1: ATSC A/52A (AC-3)
5.1(side) eng 384kbps

Track #2: ATSC A/52A (AC-3)
stereo spa 192kbps

View Debug Log gives:
loc=188 pkt=2 pid=48 what="pat_and_pmt" offset=0 length=376 contiguous=true changed=true packets=2
loc=80840 pkt=431 pid=48 what="pat_and_pmt" offset=75576 length=5452 contiguous=false changed=true packets=2

There is a general rethinking regarding preference that needs to be done by ALL companies that provide "cluster compute" type services, ie a service that spans multiple devices.

Feanixxx is not wrong that the current model of "change settings on every device, with no central control panel" is a PITA and user-hostile. We all understand why it's this way right now, why it evolved this way. The point is: is the industry going to just give up and accept that this will such for all time, or is the industry going to provide us with a BETTER solution?

In an ideal world it would be Apple that is solving this problem (and providing the UI research and affordances to show everyone else what to do). In the real world, Apple is as asleep on the job wrt this particular issue as everyone else.

So maybe Channels should at some point consider being the trailblazer, at least as an experiment? Sure, it's more work for you guys, but the payoff is that maybe you get every other computer system you work with to follow your lead and we all win?
What I think is needed is something like central dashboard (probably web based, at least initially) on which one can see, intelligently grouped, ALL preferences for one's use of "the system". This would include serving settings in one section, common playback setting in a different section, then device-specific settings (and overrides of the common settings) in a third section listing all devices.

As I've posted elsewhere on this forum, syncing across devices is not easy, and even the best have problems successfully doing it right. Add in the fact that Channels is multi-platform, so system-level sync solutions are out of reach, and the complexity is further increased.

The developers have stated that improvements with syncing between devices is on their roadmap for the year. Until that time, perhaps judgement should be reserved. (Unless you have a cross-platform sync solution that will seemlessly work on tvOS/iOS/iPadOS, Android, and cross-platform Go, that you wish to contribute, perhaps …)