How to add movie trailers

I would be interested to know your workflow for the scraper you mentioned. Could you please share how this is done?

I'm using a 3rd party program called tinymediamanager. I've set it to monitor the same directory as my movie library, it scrapes and downloads metadata, trailers and subtitles, which then appear in channels. It requires a little bit of manual intervention to trigger a scan and in some cases make sure the right movie is selected. Other than that, works a treat!

Do your downloaded trailer URLs disappear like the online URLs do?

This is a great utility for precisely this, thanks for mentioning it! I was happy to see they have a Mac version as well as a docker. I'm using the former, was impressed quickly, and ponied up for the Pro license.

They are downloaded files, not URLs (video files with names that end in .mp4, .mov, .mkv,.avi or the like) and in my experience, no they don't. They stick around and work fine with Channels DVR. I've added a bunch of trailer files way and they get recognized by the DVR server and display/stream on our AppleTV's. Only the text entries in the Trailer URL fields are consistently disappearing on me.

I also have noticed an issue with trailers for movies that have been added via .strm files. They don't work. The "Trailer" button appears, but pressing it just plays the movie, not the trailer. Here is an example:

> Test Movie.strm
> Test Movie-trailer.mp4

I was also unable to get a trailer added via .strm file to work. I'm not sure if that functionality has been added to Channels DVR but I figured it was worth a shot.

> Test Movie.strm -or- Test Movie.mp4
> Test Movie-trailer.strm
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Normal YouTube URLs are now supported in the tvOS and iOS version as of the latest TestFlight beta. You can simply copy and paste a link to a YouTube video into a movie's Trailer URL field, and it will play back.

You will need both the latest tvOS/iOS version and the latest pre-release Channels DVR Server.

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I've tried a wrapper that does an http redirect to the actual youtube mp4 but it fails with an immediate "Connection Lost (-17)". It works in VLC. Any suggestion?

I get the -17 error even when I put the YouTube video URL directly in the metadata. It should be good for 6 hours but still fails immediately. What am I missing?

Submit diagnostic from the app immediately after the error message


Sorry, submitted for the server by mistake. I just submitted for the app.

Any chance this will be supported?

Yes mp4 support is planned

Are trailers supposed to be working on Android (Nvidia Shield) yet? When I try to play any trailer I just get a Connection Lost message and the trailer never plays.

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Same thing on FireStick.

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Same with onn 4k streaming box.

The latest beta has support for YouTube Trailers.


There is a black screen now but sound works (with trailers).

onn 4k streaming box w/ 2024.02.22.0214

Try v2024.02.22.0233

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OK. It's not being offered up yet though.

Working now. Thanks!