How to add Reelz if using Philo

Has anyone been able to add Reelz to Channels when subscribed through Philo? If so, how?

Philo does not offer TVE access to Reelz.

(Edit: As I note below, Reelz via Philo requires an additional package upgrade; it is not included with the base package.)

That’s why I’m asking if anyone has figured out a way. Perhaps adding it through ReelzNow?



They may show it on their website, but it is not functional. Within Channels, this is the error returned:

And when you actually authenticate with Philo on their website, all you get is a video player that won't load, with an endless spinner over the "Schedule" link:

EDIT: Apparently, Reelz is only available if you also add the "Movies & More" package, which is $3/mo:

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I’ll have to check it out and see. If it doesn’t work I may sent a message to Philo.

So I can confirm IT WORKS!!! Just had to add the Reelz Movies & More package for $3 a week. None of the other channels are TVE unfortunately. Anyhow, LivePD lovers prepare for OnPatrol!


Lol. Yeah I did an add-on package for Spectrum because of OnPatrol on Reelz. It wasn't the only reason, but it was the tipping point.

Glad to know Reelz works on Philo, that is a provider I am considering for when my Spectrum promo discount year ends.

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I have it added to my account this past Saturday, but it is not showing in my guide at all. From settings I have rescanned new and all channels, still nothing. I have even verified the account via email login. I get the same 78 channels no reelz. Bummer.

It came up for me right away. If I remember correctly, I went on Philo first and started watching Reelz to make sure it worked. I then rescanned all channels and it popped up (6095).

I'm also having no luck getting Reelz to work with Channels. I've tried both Philo and Sling. Sling will see the channel but say it's not authorized even though I've added Reelz to my package.

Can you view it from the Live stream on Reelz Now website? That is a test for TVE channels. If you can not see a channel in a browser on its home live website using your provider credentials, then you will not be able to see it in Channels.

As far as Philo is concerned, you also need the Movies & More add-on for an extra $3 a month. @ajaj confirmed this works.