How to apply Dark Mode for Windows 10 version of Channels DVR

All the reviews I've seen on Channels DVR shows it in Dark Mode yet the new install comes up all white.

What gives?

The client apps have a dark UI, the DVR web UI is white.

You could try Dark mode for for Forums

Eh? by "Dark" ...u mean a somewhat dark shade of "Purple".

I wish the client apps had a true dark or even better, black theme....but alas, they don't seem to want to change their color palate.


Guess I will look elsewhere for a web app.

I'm using the MS Edge browser & it is already in Dark Mode through my Windows 10 setup but Channels DVR reverts it's screens to a glaring bright white. Not good.

I don't like other aspects of Channels DVR so I will simply uninstall it & go on my way.


dark reader works fine for Channels web UI, and many other sites.
You can tweak the settings to have it only apply the dark mode to the sites u tell it to, (Whitelist)
I use Dark Reader for most everything ever since i first found out about it.

that is only for the web browser theme the programs border and menus....has nothing to due with how web pages are loaded and rendered.

and which EDGE browser do you mean? Old one or New one?

the new, current one is Chrome based....the old one is completely different engine.

The new Chrome one.

Well, dark reader works fine in the new EDGE ...i use it with no issues.

At least, since it IS a web page UI, and not a dedicated app, one can use such extensions to get a dark/black UI look. the dedicated app for streaming devices, are locked to the official Channels DVR color pallet of Purple.