How to backup or transfer channels DVR show database?


When I setup my NAS I did it with a single HD, now I’m adding another drive and doing so will destroy all the data based on how the drives are configured. The NAS is a QNAP. How do I transfer or backup and restore the settings so that the recordings, passes, etc will be available later? I have copied all of the contents of the folder specified under the DVR section in basic setup, is that enough?


There should be a Database directory with recent backups. The latest files are in the following dir, but you shouldn’t need them if there are recent backups already:


On a fresh install, you can visit http://x.x.x.x:8089/restore to restore from the Database directory


Can you please elaborate on how to restore a DVR from one device to a new NAS device. Cannot restore if the app is running and I cannot configure if it is not. All files have been moved over to the new device. Just cannot seem to restore the Database file. Much appreciated!


To use the /restore link you need to make sure the DVR checkbox is unchecked on the Settings tab first.


That did it. I can’t believe I missed that! Thanks for the fast response!


I’m moving to a NUC (still copying). I’ve installed on the NUC. A visit to :8089 is asking me to setup storage. Do I leave it as is and visit :8089/restore or do I choose the location (which will already be populated with the files I’ve copied over) and setup the guide data before visiting restore?

Lastly, it seems I choose the “Database” directory, correct? The last backup was at 17:43 today. I watched and deleted show(s) after that time. How is that going to work? Should I have forced a backup? I found instructions for moving to a new server in multiple places. Is there one place that is official?

Back in Dec 16, @tmm1 mentioned that one could copy the recording and two additional files that live in the channels installation directory:

  • settings.db
  • recorder.db

Is this what I need to do since I don’t have a backup?


You don’t need to do anything before using the restore wizard. If you have newer versions of the db files, put them in a backup-xxx folder inside Database and pick that from the restore


Great. Thank you!


Thanks for the tip on the database files. The only issue I had was the channels were not showing up. Even though the guide was correct (USA-OTA94303) and I hit refresh on it. In the end, I had to trash the guide and select USA-OTA94303 to get the channels to show up.